Jet Fuel


Torch Burnout Blend Disposable

The hemp industry has been largely influenced by Torch, and their latest product, the Torch Burnout Blend Disposable, is a testament to their continued dominance. This disposable features 3.5 grams of a proprietary blend between THC-M, THC-A, and THC-P which is then blended with strain specific naturally derived terpenes for maximum flavor and potency. The device is button activated and incorporates an innovative preheat function which heats the distillate to optimal temperatures for the perfect hit every time. It is also USB-C rechargeable for your convenience. torch diamond

The Torch Burnout Disposable is offered in 10 sought-after strains such as Cereal Runtz and Biscotti Pancakes. Indica, sativa, and hybrid options are available to suit your desired effect. torch diamond

Cereal Runtz (Indica)
Blue Dream (Sativa)
Biscotti Pancakes (Indica)
Watermelon Diesel (Sativa)
Strawberry Gelato (Indica)
Rainbow Zkittlez (Indica)
Pineapple Express (Hybrid)
Pink Starburst (Hybrid)
Green Crack (Sativa)
Jet Fuel (Sativa)
Product Features
Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill
Proprietary blend of THCM, THCA, and THCP
Preheat function
USB-C charging
3.5 grams
Third-party lab tested
Made in the USA with industrial hemp

Click here to view lab reports.


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